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Mike Bonura /FOUNDER CEO Aqua Nutraceuticals


The core management team of Aqua Nutraceuticals includes executives with successful backgrounds in the Dietary supplements, holistic healing, food based technologies and brand management: mike bonura is the creator and founder of Aqua Nutraceuticals. Mike has assembled a management team whose members offer a combined 25 years of experience, and has been practicing Holistic medicine and nutritional development for the past decade.

Mike Bonura is a Certified Nutritionist Specialist (CNS) from the Institute of the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals.  Bonura is certified in compounding, sports nutrition, homeopathy, and herbology; and has trained under traditional healers in North America, South America, India, and Europe. He studied formulations and homeopathy under the Natural guidelines of Boiron Manufacturing in Europe. 


From these diverse cultures Mike has developed a unique approach to nutrition and has formulated over 75 nutritional products for companies including Home Shopping Network, QVC, and Whole Foods.  Mike has owned and managed health food stores in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  He has also served as a nutritional consultant for NBC, Fox Searchlight, The Academy of Motion Pictures, Velocity records, NFL Alumni, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, California Angels, Los Angeles Lakers San Diego Chargers New York Yankees and Capitol records.


Mike Bonura passion is creating nutrition programs for kids and families, since 2002.  His Programs including Nutra-licious, Dare to Compare, Let’s Get It Moving, and “H.I.P.” - a California based program for teaching nutrition through sports, and physical activity.  The HEALTHY INITIATIVE PROGRAM along with Jelly-Kids, head start, get five, and kids sports organizations to help promote families on the value of healthy eating and exercise, and alternative, natural ways to get our kids on track for optimum health and development.

In 2013, Aqua Nutraceuticals launched “NueroZone”- a new US Patented product to help establish positive brain health and awareness for athletes, adults, and seniors that have had traumatic brain injuries, learning disabilities, or disorders like ADD or ADHD or mental illness.


In 2015 Aqua nutrition has opened its first location in the east coast, located in the Bucks Mont indoor sports complex, to help develop nutritional programs for children and their families, the center will offer healthy sandwiches, healthy snacks along with complete line of Holistic and natural supplements to help achieve health and happiness throughout the Pennsylvania communities 


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